Press Releases

06 September 2017
The Director of UNRWA Operations in the West Bank, Scott Anderson, has paid a visit to the Shamasneh family, a Palestine refugee family residing in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, who had just been evicted from their home following an eight-year legal...
UNRWA school students from Gaza and the West Bank on their first afternoon in Jerusalem with the Director of UNRWA Operations in the West Bank, Scott Anderson. 120 UNRWA school students participated in the summer camp. © 2017 UNRWA Photo by Dayana Khatib
30 August 2017
UNRWA organized a summer camp for almost a hundred school students from Gaza, from grades 6-9, bringing them to the West Bank for one week. Over 95 per cent of the students had left Gaza for the first time in their lives
© 2017 UNRWA Photo by Iyas Abu Rahmah
29 August 2017
UNRWA, together with the Camp Service Committee of Ein el- Sultan camp and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, inaugurated the Al Masri Road following completion of its rehabilitation
28 August 2017
UNRWA launched a campaign to encourage Palestine refugee children in Lebanon to go back to school with support from the European Union's Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis
24 August 2017
On 23 August 2017, some 50,000 Palestine refugee children returned to one of the 96 schools operated by UNRWA in the West Bank to begin the 2017/18 scholastic year