Press Releases

 © WHO 2018 Photo by Mahmoud Daher
02 July 2018
The Big Heart Foundation made a US$100,000 contribution to UNRWA in support of the recently launched call for funds, 'A lifeline for Gaza: sustaining urgent health services for Palestine refugees'
30 June 2018
UNRWA was forced to reduce its emergency cash assistance in Syria from USD 32 to USD 23 a month per person due to a lack of funding and now this amount is insufficient for displaced Palestine refugees to pay for their shelter needs
29 June 2018
According to the World Health Organization 15 percent of people are living with a disability. Some 795,000 Palestine refugees with a disability are registered with UNRWA. Protracted displacement facing Palestine refugees exacerbates the vulnerability and potential exclusion...
The Prime Minister of Malaysia, His Excellency Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, center, today received UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General Sandra Mitchell, left, who was accompanied by UNRWA Director of Finance, Shadi El-Abed, right. © 2018 UNRWA Photo by Katherine Reyes
27 June 2018
The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Malaysia, His Excellency Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, today received Deputy Commissioner-General, Sandra Mitchell, to renew his strong support for Palestine refugees and UNRWA
Pledging Conference for UNRWA held in New York on 25 June 2018. © 2018 Photo by the United Nations
26 June 2018
The UNRWA Annual Pledging Conference was a very positive event sustaining momentum in addressing the remaining shortfall of US$ 250 million, which could critically affect the vital UNRWA services to Palestine refugees